Our Vision and Mandate

Our Vision: 

The Green Society Campaign works bring environmentalism into mainstream culture and ingrain the tenants of sustainability into the fabric of our society. We envision a world that embraces sustainability as a core value and understands environmental problems as actual threats to human life rather than political issues that can be affirmed or denied. That is a society where environmentalism is not a peripheral moral obligation, but an avenue for interacting more effectively and efficiently with our physical world. Through our video projects and blog discussion, we hope to provide tools for thinking seriously about environment and its relation to culture, politics and society today.

Our Mandate:

We aim to develop a responsive organization that can help instill environmentalism into our culture and improve the outreach capability of those who are a part of this push for change.

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Our Principles

1. Speak Up: Those who know of the negative environmental impacts of our society must bring them to the forefront. The goal of this campaign is to open the eyes of the world’s populace to the consequences of our actions in order to convince them that our society as we know it cannot continue.

2. Small, Reasonable Change is Good Change: Every major social justice victory has been won in increments and environmentalism is no different. To demand nothing less than a single moment overhaul is to doom oneself to failure. Our greatest hope for a sustainable future is a parade of small victories. A parade that we believe is just beginning.

3. Radical Honesty and Nuance above all else: The greatest advantage the environmental movement holds is the indelible reason behind our message. A future that doesn’t include a sustainable world shall, at some point, simply be no future at all. As environmentalists, we must not allow ourselves to lose this advantage. We must refuse hyperbolic messaging or anti-science stances regardless of the short lived PR gains such tactics may provide as in the long run they will only act as a disservice to the push for a sustainable future.

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