Affiliate Organizations


The Green Society Campaign is committed to strengthening the environmental movement in any way we can and towards this goal we have partnered with two Toronto based organizations that share our commitment to creating a truly sustainable world.


In October of 2013, we here at the Green Society Campaign teamed up with Green Majority Media to build an independent, environmental news source for Toronto and the world at large.

We believe that the biggest weakness of the environmental community in Canada is the size of their microphone, not the message. We are connecting experts of all stripes directly to the public through every type of media, so the public can make informed decisions about the urgent problems we face as a species.

We need you to help us bring this message home loudly, articulately, and often to break through the noise of the corporate media more concerned with celebrities than the degradation of our environment. With over 20 year’s combined environmental education and activism experience, internationally syndicated radio recognition and a firm base built in Toronto we have the know how, the connections and the right gear to change the environmental conversation in Canada.


#GreenPeopleTOSUP Square

Founded in 2013, Green People TO came together to build a community of environmentally minded young people in Toronto. We are out to break the mold of how environmentalists (even those who may not define themselves as such) meet each other and collaborate. There will always be a place for business networking and groups being formed around particular issues, but we wanted to create events with, quite literally, no barrier of entry.

Don’t work in the environmental field? No problem! Don’t actually feel like you have time to pursue any particular issue? That’s totally fine! Our events thrive on three things, good fun, good puns and a relaxed inviting atmosphere. Our goal is to simply create a space where those of us who want to see a more sustainable world can meet, enjoy themselves, and interact with our growing community. Come join us at the next event!