Beyond Green Podcast: Episode 26 – Jump, Jump, Jump Around

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This episodes run time is 38:49.

We’ve officially hit half a year, and with that produce what is very likely our weirdest podcast yet. Never has more time been spent talking to you about what we are doing with the podcast. Never has there been so many complete jumps in topic and time being recorded. Never shall we have another podcast like it. Shot directly from the Centre for Social Innovation, late on a Monday night, this episode covers civic engagement, Line 9, and the importance of getting involved. Stefan is joined by some excellent fellow CSI’ers but neither regular co-host can make their appearance.

Our comment system is fixed again! So if you have any comments, or perhaps very legitimate questions about where on earth some of these thoughts were going, or ideas you’d like us to discuss, comment below!

The music for this episode comes from Janes Addiction and their track Just Because.

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