Organizational Update: Collaboration with The Green Majority

We here at the GSC are happy to announce a new collaborative video project with The Green Majority. The project has now been formally titled ‘Over the Green Line’ although on this demo we call it ‘Off the Record’. This project centres around the idea that environmentalists are not nearly the monolithic one opinion entity that we are so often portrayed as within the media and society at large. Environmentalists disagree all the time, and we plan on displaying that fact as openly and as obviously as possible. From nuclear power to nuclear families, if its something that’s related to environmentalism we plan on talking about it.

Check out our demo episode here, which tries (and likely fails) to answer these three questions:

1) Should we be concerned that two ‘environmentalists’ can have polar opposite views on issues?

2) How should we deal with the that vegetarianism and veganism can at times be harmful to the environment and environmentalists causes?

3) Are traditional protests useless?

*Update* The show has been renamed to ‘Over the Green Line’ and can be found on The Green Majority’s youtube channel.