Call for Applicants

The Green Society Campaign is expanding! We are hoping to add seven to ten volunteers under the following categories. If you are interested, click here and send us a message with the position you are interested in, why you are interested, and what your qualifications are. If you are interested in getting involved but none of the positions interest you, contact us and we will work to find a way to get you involved.

Volunteer Positions

Position: Event Management Coordinator

Job Description:

–       Manage, improve and document connections with Venues, Bands and promising green initiatives

–       Create and manage a database of contact information and previous collaborations

–       Facilitate communications for upcoming concerts and work towards a strong repeatable framework for future events.

Hours: 4-6 hours a week


Position: Content Editor

Job Description:

–       Proof read and edit blog articles, and other GSC documents

–       Provide feedback and suggest changes to increase impact of articles

Hours: 3-5 hours


Position: Research Lead

Job Description:

–       Create and manage database of both reliable cited information on a variety of environmental topics and of quality sources

–       Work to directly provide information for specific projects the GSC is undertaking

–       Research future possibilities for the GSC including grant and funding possibilities

Hours: 5-7 hours


Position: Outreach Coordinator

Job Description:

–       Connect with other green organizations to form partnerships

–       Work towards creating a network of Green Organizations and contact information for future work together

–       Move forward our videography work through approaching green organizations and finding ways for collaboration

Hours: 3-5 hours



Job Description:

–       Research, write and promote blog posts for GSC website

–       Cover local green events

–       Answer environment related questions from commenters

Hours: 4-6 hours a week


Position: Graphic Designer

Job Description:

–       Poster and infographic creation

–       Aiding with graphics for video production

–       Endeavour logo design

Hours: 3-5 hours a week


Position: Creative Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description:

–       Recruitment of/ liaising with interested actors, directors and videographers for specific videos

–       Coordinating efforts of these volunteers with overall goals of the campaign

–       Working directly with the GSC Directors to maximize efficiency and utility of volunteers

Hours: 3-5 hours a week


Position: Online Content Manager

Job Description:

–       Update website when necessary

–       Submit blog posts to directories and online content aggregators

–       Work to build readership base and general reach of the campaign

Hours: 4-6 hours a week


Position: Videographer

Job Description:

–       Shoot and edit footage of green events

–       Contact ENGO’s and local green corporations regarding events to cover

Hours: 3-5 hours a week