Beyond Green: Episode 1 – The State of Environmental Movement


The inaugural episode of our podcast! This podcast, created in collaboration with Green Majority Media, focuses on environmental issues, the future of our environment and the future of environmentalism. In some respects the podcast was inspired by Earth Day Canada’s Beyond Green conference that was held in Toronto in late October of 2013. It should be noted that we are not affiliated with Earth Day Canada nor do we speak for them.

This podcast aims to continue the conversations that were held at the conference and to expand on the ideas and concepts, such as the future of environmentalism, what it means to call yourself an environmentalist and some of the more touchy subjects in the green movement such as nuclear power and GMO’s. It is not necessary to have attended the conference to understand or enjoy this podcast. We want to be as inclusive and conversational as possible and we are going to carry this ethos forward by committing to having our episodes as listener driven as possible.

Have a question, comment, or thought you’d like us to explore? Leave us a comment and we guarantee we’ll talk about it on the show. I wanted to make a podcast that I personally would listen to and I believe we’ve done that here. This episode starts us off, introduces what we are trying to do and then dives into our thoughts on the conference and the state of environmentalism.

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