Beyond Green Podcast: Episode 6 – #Generation Underwater

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This episode was inspired by the CBC’s recent panel discussion on ‘Generation Screwed’, a term currently being used for those of us in the 20-30 range who find ourselves in a very different world than our parents did when they were our age. Our hosts take exception to the use of terminology and discuss the problems of judging the lives of young people today using the meter stick of previous generations.

As a quick note, at one point during the discussion we mention that it is easy to live in Toronto cheaply. After listening to it again, I feel it is required to state that we are only referring to those identified as members of ‘generation screwed’ (i.e. young, Canadian born, university educated individuals with no dependants) and in no way speak for the very real hardships faced by many Torontonians on a day-to-day basis.

Also within the program we mention that both Joe Heath’s article for the Ottawa Citizen and the Green Majority’s recent episode on carbon taxes would be posted underneath the show, so if you are interested check out those links.

This weeks music was Company Policy by The Mighty Rhino.

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