Beyond Green Podcast: Episode 15 – An Organic Conversation

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This episodes run time is 52:45.

In this special episode we are joined by friend of the Green Society Campaign, Maya Fromstein, who enlightens me on all the burning food system related questions you might have. I was lucky enough to attend the Canadian Organic Growers Conference and it left me with a few questions of my own. Topics include why food banks are kind of bad, some of the biggest problems with GMO’s (hint it has nothing to due with being dangerous to your health) and if it is better to eat local or organic. We also discuss some of the scarier parts of  what is in our food and what we can all do to eat better and in doing so help reform our broken food system.

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The music for this episode comes from Chvrches and their cover of the Arctic Monkeys song ‘Do I wanna Know‘.

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