Climate Change and the Frankenstorm ~!

I must admit that I have always loved storms. Although I must admit, living in Toronto a storm was never a threat to anything but that nights activities. I think it has something to do with their ability to remind us of our natural world regardless of concrete we’re so often surrounded by.

With the so-called “Frankenst0rm” hitting the east coast, a storm has taken over the 24 hours news cycle and as any larger storm, especially those that are somewhat out of the ordinary, there has been talk of whether or not this is proof of, or caused by, climate change.

The answer to the proof question, is no. Just like a large snow storm is not proof that its all a hoax. Climate change is happening and is proven by the countless peer reviewed studies put forth by atmospheric physicists and climate scientists over the past few decades.

Whether the storm is caused by climate change is a more complicated question. The general answer is again, no. You cannot say that any particular storm is caused by climate change, only that intense weather will increase in propensity as the world warms. A more in depth explanation can be found here and here.

If you live in the areas where the storm poses a threat, stay safe, and if you are just in for a few days of rain, find a nice window, find your favourite rainy day music and enjoy.