The Young Canadian Arctic Forum

The Young Canadian Arctic Forum


A few months ago we were approached by a group of High School students who had a bold idea. They wanted to host a forum where young Canadians could gather, learn and discuss the arctic and the unique way that today’s toughest challenges impact those who live there.

The group of the students were a part of the ‘humanity club’ at their school and wanted to keep being involved in social issues throughout the summer. Since then, we’ve helped with logistics but all the real work has been put in by this committed group of students. And guess what, they’re going to pull it off. This August 16th, High School students from across Toronto and the GTA are invited to come down to the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex Location, 720 Bathurst Street) to both learn and have your opinions heard.

Click here to sign-up, and for a fuller explanation here is the forum described by Lucy the Humanity Club’s President:

The vision of “Young Canadian Arctic Forum” is to provide a platform to youth across Canada and inspire them to get involved in protecting and building the future of our environment and our beautiful Arctic. As a group of high-school students ourselves, we believe young Canadian students should have the opportunity to unite and discuss issues regarding the Arctic and provide strategic recommendations to our government on promoting healthy ecosystems. Furthermore, we aspire to develop a forum that will educate high school students about Arctic activities and help students to foster a new understanding and respect for the Arctic.

We plan to achieve our aspiration by incorporating interactive workshops and activities during the forum to engage students in discussing and learning about Arctic activities and letting their opinions be heard regarding Arctic affairs. As well, we plan to invite inspiring individuals and environmentalists to speak during the forum, and incorporate activities to engage youth during the forum. Our organization plans to use the funds we receive towards rent space. Furthermore, our organization has partnered up with an organization called “Green Society Campaign”, who will be providing organizational support and help run the event during the summertime. Together, we believe that we can encourage youth to help protect the Arctic from unsustainable practices and encourage youth to take an interest in our nations up in the North.

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