Submit your own Future Streams Interview

Everyone is encouraged to submit their own Future Streams Interview, we are hoping to collect as many as possible and to foster a dialogue within environmentalism of exclusively optimism and excitement for the future. To be added to the list of interviews within the Future Streams Series all you must do is to contact us with a video recording of you answering the following questions:

1) Barring all restrictions what does the sustainable world of 2100 look like?

2) If you could make one change to the world today what would it be?

3) A self chosen question, perhaps pertaining to your expertise or a particular experience you have had.

(ex. Given your few years within an environmental studies program, what is one thing you wish the public better understood?)

After we have received your answers we will format the videos and release them as quickly as possible if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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