The Canadian Organic Growers Conference 2014: Part 1 – Earth Wisdom Living

This past Saturday, February 22nd, we attended the Canadian Organic Growers Conference with Green Majority Media and had the opportunity to speak with a whole host of great people and collected some fantastic interviews.

Over the coming weeks, we will be releasing some interviews from the conference as well as blog posts about some of the ideas that were discussed. First up, our interview with Ingrid Cryns (of Soma Earth) and Sue Bowe McKee (of Leadership Unleashed). We discuss their thoughts on what people can do to make themselves individually more sustainable, the definition and benefits of organic building and the transition town movement. Their joint project Earth Wisdom Living is focused on helping you personally plan for self sufficiency.

Check out our shortened interview here and go to Green Majority Media’s youtube channel for the full interview and more content: